Pax Vaporizer Review $249

Pax Vaporizer Review

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I used to think vaporizers were a big waste of time until I got my Pax by Ploom. I was not aware that vaporizers(portable/handheld) could pump as much and as thick clouds of fresh vapor, a lot better than smoke if you ask me. But all that changed with my first experience with Pax and I’m going to share it with you in  this post.

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No Turning Back

First off, some bit of history and things about me.

I’m someone who digs up a lot of info before I purchase a product. I literally spend hours sifting through info and reviews, especially for a product that is going to set me back a couple of hundred dollars. I also visited a couple of local shops and checked out several brands. In fact, my first choice was another brand that I thought was more affordable until I learned from the salesperson that the particular type I had selected wasn’t really a ‘vaporizer’ in the true sense, and that it would burn the actual blend. After a few minutes of indecisiveness, I decided to go with Pax from VapeWorld and now with the power of hindsight, I believe I made the best decision and there’s just no turning back for me.

At a Glance

pax-vaporizer-packageI should say that this purchase was not my  first experience with portable vaporizers, but it may just be my last. I’m sort of old school and a one-hitter had worked for me for a long time until I felt that I needed to switch to healthier smoking.

I really didn’t expect a lot from my new purchase other than some clean pumps of thick clouds, but my first impressions changed my thinking about vaporizers.
This portable Pax vaporizer is sleek, small, and has some pretty cool features that really set it apart. There was nothing complicated about it and I found it easy to use. Everything is pretty straightforward; whether it is loading the chamber, adjusting temperature settings, taking draws, or charging, I Just found everything easy to do.
I also liked its small, discreet size because I like to enjoy my vaping session from anywhere, and with this I can easily carry it everywhere I go. It is very lightweight and comprises a vibrant aluminium casing in different color shades. Mine’s blue though, I’ve also just notice they came out with a brand new color just the other week, Emerald Green.

I loved its efficiency too, thanks to Ploom’s advanced technology used in this device. The vapor quality and taste are way above average and the vaping is very efficient.

Temperature Range

Thus far, I’ve touched mostly on design and presentation of the Pax vaporizer, but what about some functionality?

200x200-Pax addThe Pax has three temperature ranges starting at 370ºF up to 410ºF. A mere touch of a button is all it takes to select the right temperature. To cycle through the different temperatures, simply take off the mouthpiece and press the flickering button.

As you continue to press the button, the status light changes color to indicate a different temperature. The light finally settles on yellow once you reach the lowest temperature.

Overall, the Pax vaporizer is a solid device that doesn’t disappoint one bit. Although generally the bar has been raised for portable vaporizers, Pax by Ploom scales the heights in all ways and I definitely recommend it.

Using-the-PaxJust a quick side note; I would suggest getting your Pax from an authorized dealer and not from somewhere or somebody from eBay or Craiglist, if you want Ploom to honor their warranty. You need to have purchased through a dealer.

And after you buy your Pax vaporizer you will want to make sure to clean it on a regular basis. This video demonstrates the proper procedure on keeping it clean.

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  1. Just ordered one…cant wait!

    • Good choice @snickers. You’ll enjoy your #pax

  2. my friend had one of these and it was pretty nice. Nobody knows your “smoking”.

  3. Just ordered mine in Green :D