Vaporizer PAX 3-device review

Today, your attention, we present a new, high-tech and trendy device-vaporizer Pax 3 Full Version. This is an improved version of the popular evaporator from the American company Ploom, the output of which many were looking forward to. Although at first glance it is similar to the previous model Pax 2, but it has significant changes in the management and internal filling. So, let's solve this explosive breakthrough unit, or is it still the same Pax 2 in a new wrapper?!

Vaporizer Pax 3-Smart, brilliant, improved

Vaporizer Pax 3 is a portable convection vaporizer for use with medicinal herbs and concentrates. This is the third generation of the Pax line. The new model is improved by several technical innovations, including such as Bluetooth support, with the ability to configure and control the device using the application on the smartphone. The manufacturer has developed a free application that is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play. The company Ploom does not change its old traditions and the third version of the evaporator is also inherent: elegant appearance, ease of use, mobility and compactness, reliability and durability. The new Pax 3 is available in four colors: Pink Gold - rose gold, Black - black, Gold - gold and Silver - silver. The body of the evaporator is simply gorgeous and made of durable anodized aluminum. However, it is worth noting that with intensive and frequent use, over time, it somewhat loses its original appearance, there are scuffs, scratches. Some users say that they say that it is "killed" more than the previous model. We didn't notice that. It is worth noting that for this new product there are special plastic or silicone overlay shells that will help you maintain the appearance of the device.


The main differences from the previous model are in the improved chamber, which allows the use of both herbs and concentrates or WAX paste. Brought to mind the battery, the presence of an alert vibration signal, a specially designed application that makes it possible to build the desired temperature and control the process - all these improvements are embodied in the new vaporizer PAX 3.



The new battery has an increased capacity from 3000 to 3500 mAh reducing the heating time from 45 seconds to 15, thereby reducing power consumption by 17 %. With a full charge of the battery, the energy is enough for about 100 minutes, which allows you to spend from five to ten sessions of herbal medicine, depending on the duration of the session.

The kit with the evaporator, as well as the second model, is a charger, which is a USB cable and dock station. It will take approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery.


In principle, Pax 3 is not much different from previous models, in terms of the volume of the chamber, which also interferes with 0.3 - 0.4 g of herbs. However, in his set, for convenience, included new accessories: hat Half-Pack — a-half bowls, with which you will be able to reduce the amount of consumable substances two times, i.e. 0.15 - 0.2 g.

In addition to the cap Half-Pack, the kit also includes a small metal capsule for concentrates-which agree is very convenient, and is a great advantage. True capsule for the concentrate difficult to clean. Previous versions of vaporizer did not have the ability to use concentrates and WAX pastes.


The Pax 3 vaporizer has the following dimensions:

Height: 9,85 cm
Width: 3.06 cm
Thickness: 2.14 cm
Weight: 95 gr
The small size, weight distribution and overall feel of Pax have always been part of its appeal. The device fits comfortably in your hand and will become an essential accessory that emphasizes your status as a respectable person.



One of the major myths about the yet to be released, Pax 3 was that the mouthpiece in the "workflow" would be too hot, and we're happy to report that a small modification fixed the problem. The choice between flat and elongated mouthpiece is now a matter of aesthetics and purely personal preferences, not functionality.



Another big improvement is the fast set time of optimum temperature. If, for example, the second model for a set of optimum temperature required 45-60 seconds, the vaporizer Pax 3 heats up in 15-20 seconds. Of course, there are vaporizers coming into combat readiness even faster, but they are not so good if you say you want to use the vaporizer several times in a row.

The Pax 3 vaporizer has 4 preset temperature modes, which can be set via the device interface using the on / OFF button, namely:

The green led (182° C time pre-heating 16 seconds)
The yellow led (193° C time pre-heating 16 seconds)
Orange led (204° C, preheat time 17 seconds)
Red led light (215° C, preheating time of 18 seconds)
One minor update in Pax 3 is the addition of tactile feedback or the presence of an alert vibration signal. The feature is increasingly common in new vaporizers, the vibration on the Pax 3 is minimal, but noticeable as a courteous Butler cough.



The bowl becomes clogged after 8-10 sessions. Clean it inside and outside with a special mouthpiece. Less often you will need to make a full cleaning, wiping the device with isopropyl alcohol inside and outside. In General, the Pax 3 vaporizer is easy to clean, but to keep it clean, repeat the cleaning procedure regularly.



I'm really impressed with the updates. It's definitely not supposedly a new vaporizer, but a new vaporizer, partly because of the design and aesthetics, but the main innovations inside. If innovation does not change the world - it is insignificant, but about Pax 3 this can not be said-he did it. To sum up: the new evaporator turned out to be good, very effective, and not fastidious.



The Pax app allows you to adjust the temperature that you like. It also has a few fun retro games. First, download the app from the App Store or Play Market and install it on your phone. Then connect the vaporizer via Bluetooth. Press the button in the upper right corner of the vaporizer screen to access the Pax Store and Help, the name of your device will also appear, connect it, then click on the Pax icon on the screen of your mobile phone. In this app you can view the current temperature, check the battery level and choose from five temperature modes: Standart, Boost, Efficiency, Stealth and Flavor. The menu also has an accelerometer and sensor allows you to check the heating of the mouthpiece, they also help to control.

The SETTINGS tab allows you to adjust some small details such as the backlight (color and brightness). You can also put a lock so that others are unable to include your evaporator. And with the app you can turn on/off the vibration signal.

In the settings of the Game you will find anything for yourself:

PaxRun is a version of the famous PacMan game

PaxSays is a version of the classic game "Simon says»

PaxSpin is in fact "spin the bottle»



To sum up, we can say that vaporizer PAX 3 is a worthy device for herbal medicine sessions and deserves your attention. This new product we would put a solid five. Improved appearance and functionality. Improved battery. Vaporizer PAX 3 is one of the best premium devices!