Magic-Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a small, fast portable vaporizer that's small enough to hide in your hand. Vaporizer is so fast, silent and odorless that it can be used in almost any situation, even in windy conditions.

Size: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2cm

Launch Box is extremely easy to use: simply load with finely ground herbs and insert a charged battery; the nearly instant heat provides thick vapor. You can fill in, use and reboot without waiting. Start evaporation in less than ten seconds!

Day 1

When buying my desktop vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q, I came across a tempting offer to pay some extra money and buy a Deluxe package that includes a water filter, as well as a portable Magic Flight vapor, to which this report is dedicated.

The presentation of Magic Flight took place in the spring of this year, so it is safe to talk about it as a novelty in 2010. And then one fine evening the fame of the "wooden Nutcracker" on batteries came to me when I saw the video with Linda.

And after reading many positive reviews, weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to purchase this device: The Cost of $99.

Magic Flight Packed together with all equipment in this tin box size 13х9см. Nice. Something like opening a can of cinnamon cupcakes for the new year.

Magic Flight, if you need to blow quickly and quietly.

This is followed by a black suede pouch in which

is the device - 2 x 1.5-volt AA alkaline battery (more detail I will write about them later) in a plastic case

2 rubber caps for transportation of batteries, the mouthpiece of transparent plastic, brush for cleaning and a charger?! Where's the charger?! I was unlucky brothers, I got a kit without a charger. Not great loss, I have my own!

Smoking device pleasantly surprised me with its super-compact size. Its length is only 6.5 cm, width 3.3 cm, height 2.2! And it weighs only 26 grams. The same lighter is longer than it by as much as 15 mm

With such dimensions it is easy to hide in the pocket of his shirt, a pack of cigarettes or think of himself, where else!

The body is made of solid wood, beech, in which a pit with a diameter of 28 mm is drilled almost to the bottom.

Inside it, a thick 2 mm copper wire passes along the perimeter, which serves as a heating element. In the pit on the wire soldered thin steel mesh on which the happy red-eyed user puts his medicine for colds. The ends of the copper wire are connected to a 1.5-volt battery, one to +, the other to -. The current is supplied, due to the resistance of the wire heats the steel mesh to 180° and the staff begins to evaporate. That's the whole principle of work! Don't like? Too expensive?

Then collect your own Magic Flight!

For today, batteries on charge, a Test Drive will be tomorrow!

Day 2

So, the day after work, I went to nature to relax a bit and experience Magic Flight.

sitting comfortably on the grass next to a large oak tree, I unpacked my lunch consisting of one bitter chocolate, a couple of cakes, a fresh Apple and the vaporizer itself as a dessert.

pulling out his boxes of fresh cones of the Mazar, I filled the camera,

closed the lid, consisting of 3-mm Plexiglas, inserted the battery until it stops and just 5-6 seconds later the camera was filled with steam, thus which we need.

disconnect the battery and here it is, the long-awaited breath of freedom!

one breath is comparable to one puff of joint-although it is a little more difficult (fresh air is drawn through the cracks, this is the design)

The steam is very soft, there is no bitterness. Perfectly conveys the taste of grass without burning the throat.

After each breath you just need to re-insert the battery until it stops and after 5-10 seconds a new charge is ready! And YES - a wooden Nutcracker excellent it gets you stoned!!!

Really liked its invisibility (especially if you remove the mouthpiece), Smoking is allowed in any (public) place to 20 cm from you the smell is elusive!

Just do not worry about the batteries, one charge AA battery quietly enough for at least 10 charges. And if you take with you a couple of 2700.mA/h battery, something you can fill with smoke and your friends.

Another plus - green Magic of Flight. According to it, he beats his competitor Iolite, because it does not emit any gases due to lack of combustion. Besides, he's completely silent!

The disadvantages of the Magic Flight can be attributed to the quality of materials processing. In General, the Assembly is good, but rough! Loud words made in the USA on the website of the manufacturer did not justify themselves and this time, the quality of the Magic Flight is clearly losing to the Swiss Vapman. It is appropriate to compare the American Cadillac and the German Audi. I think the experts will understand.

Yes, the weakest point of the Magic Flight, its thin mesh. Wield only a soft brush to clean Your device, at least a finger. While poking around the keys and toothpicks in the combustion chamber is not necessary, after evaporation of the staff is easy to fall without any mechanical impact!

And, of course, the Magic Flight does not deserve its price of $99. Its red price is 30 Bucks and not a cent more!

Overall, I'm still happy with The American Nutcracker, it's simple and durable enough for years of use. Let's see if he can win the title of "American AK 47" among portable vaporizers.