iTaste SVD 2.0 Review 

In the product line of Innokin Technology Co., Ltd there is a device called "itaste SVD". This is the popular "pulse" varivolt/variat–to"telescope." I didn't write about it because of its wide popularity. Today talk about the device called the iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin.

the iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin is a dimensional "linear" variat (a device that provides a given capacity) with an outer diameter of the parts 23 – 25 mm included in the delivery pipe of the battery compartment allow you to use 18350 batteries and 18650 format. The device runs on a single battery.

A distinctive feature is the use of microchip Evolv DNA (USA).


In review will discuss:

  • Appearance of iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin;
  • The main elements of itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin, package contents;
  • Itaste SVD2 battery compartment pipes.0 from Innokin;
  • Itaste SVD2 battery cover.0 from Innokin;
  • Connector the iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin;
  • Contact itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin;
  • Control and indication of the iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin;
  • Specifications of iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin;
  • The combination of iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin with vaporizers;

Impressions and overall rating of itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin.

According to its characteristics, charge the iTaste SVD2.0 nearly repeats the charge from the DNA 20D Evolv LLC, but the differences still exist (datasheet DNA 20D can be viewed at THIS link). Different limits of adjustment, customization and more. But for most users, these are unnecessary nuances. Therefore, to facilitate the further story about the device and its evaluation, we will proceed from the simplification that we have a battery pack on the DNA 20D Board.

The device is available in two versions: "steel" and black. In the review we will see both options.

Let's get started!

The look of iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin

We will examine the participant of the review:

In addition to the characteristic decorative elements seen in the previous photos (the shape of the battery cover, the connector part, the battery compartment pipe), the device is decorated with an inscription with its name:

The main elements of itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin, package contents

The device consists of the following elements:

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. Basic elements

Left to right:

battery cover;

battery compartment pipe (in this photo - for 18650 battery);

electronics unit with screen and control buttons;

connector (on this photo – 510 format).

Package also includes pipe battery battery 18350 battery and eGo connector format. They can be seen in the following photo:

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. Battery compartment pipe for 18350 battery and eGo-format connector

The device is delivered in a cardboard box with its color marked on it:

After opening the box, itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. Packing, delivery set

We see a branded carrying case, under which we find the instructions, a memo on the disposal of batteries and a branded sticker with the manufacturer's logo.

In addition, the case has magnetic contacts and an indicator that allows you to check the battery level:


Also included is a strap with a convenient mount:


It can be fastened to the case ...or to the bottom cover of the battery pack itself.


Itaste SVD2 battery compartment pipes.0 from Innokin

The ITaste SVD2.0 from Innokin comes with the pipes of the battery compartment for 18650 battery and 18350.

The participant of the review is a rather large device. To assess its size, comparable to other devices (ProVari Mini V2.5 and iTaste 134)

For review, I did disassemble the battery cover. This was not easy, it took a few thin (about 1 mm in diameter) metal pins, with which through the holes of the cover the insulator was squeezed up. Attempts to grasp the insulator top with a suitable tool without success (only the holes in the insulator scratched). So without the need not suggest vain to parse this node.

When disassembled, it looks like this:


In the last photo, a small pin is visible in the center of the bottom of the cover, allowing the spring to be centered during Assembly.

The total resistance of the entire unit of the battery cover is about 27 megohms when the contact is not pressed and about 20 megohms when the contact is partially pressed.

Originally installed in the device 510 connector looks like this:

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With the 510-m connector

Specifications of iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin

device type: single-battery "linear" varivatt on microchip Evolv DNA (USA);

maximum permissible current 6A;

power adjustment limits 5-20W in 0.1 W increments;

the limits of the supply voltage 2.0 to 6.3 V;

minimum resistance of 0.5 Ohm vaporizer;

the outer diameter of the parts 23 – 25 mm;

length: with 18350 mm battery 114 mm, with 18650 battery 144 mm;

weight in Assembly under 18350 battery 149 g, in Assembly under 18650 battery 175 g;

electronic battery reverse polarity protection, short circuit and overheating protection.

The length and weight of the device were measured with the 510 connector.

The combination of iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin with vaporizers

The device has an unusual shape. Let's see how vaporizers of different shapes and sizes are combined with it:

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With Kanger EVOD

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With Cyclone Top Feed AFC Set by Vicious Ant and the Dripper Spiral by Leo

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With gg Penelope V3 by Imeo (Golden Greek) and GP Spheroid V3 by VapourArt (GP Team)

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With iClear 30S and iClear 16

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With bakomitros "Kaifun" v3.1 ES from SvoеMesto and GP Heron from VapourArt (GP Team)

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With gg Ithaka by Imeo (Golden Greek) and SvoëMesto Kayfun V4 by SMtec

itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin. With exthermal RDA by Innokin

In the photo we saw: Kanger EVOD, Cyclone Top Feed AFC, the Dripper Spiral, GG Penelope V3, GP Spheroid V3, iClear 30S, iClear 16, bacomizer "Kaifun" v3.1 ES, GP Heron, GG Ithaka, SvoëMesto Kayfun V4, Exthermal RDA by Innokin.

Impressions and overall rating of itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin
For me the device has made contradictory impressions.

The DNA Board used in the serial device is definitely good. Electronics reliable and time-tested, besides clear and easy to use. This" linear " variwatt is suitable for a wide range of users.

The device is bigger and heavier than it could be implemented. However, battery packs from Innokin usually do not differ in miniature. But appearance (shapes, lines, proportions) – I personally do not understand. All discussed in the previous related power supplies from this manufacturer have different characteristic, rather a vivid and memorable appearance. But even the "brutal" devices featured a certain attractiveness.

Participant of today's review (of course, this is my personal opinion) and not subtle, and not rude. Some kind of " average." Appearance lacks "zest" or something.

BUT! If the device is not considered, but used for its intended purpose, the sensations and impressions are quite positive. The lines of the device resemble some models of lights (especially if you attach a complete strap to the battery cover). At first glance, the differences in the outer diameter seem incomprehensible and inharmonious. But thanks to them, the device comfortably fits in the palm. When you hold it in your hand, you get the impression of reliability-you will not drop it.

So, the overall impression is: the appearance-an Amateur, but it is convenient to use (with regard to size and weight).

However, with the 18650 battery used the device only a few times. Then I switched to batteries 18350. Discharge faster, but the length of the ligament like more.

And for the overall assessment should take into account the fact that the electronics itaste SVD2.0 from Innokin almost completely repeats the DNA 20D fee from Evolv LLC. Users who have enough power of 20W will be satisfied.

Those who need more power (30, 50, 100, 150, 100500 Tue), of course, this is not enough. But among the" ordinary " buyers – such a minority. Exorbitant power is usually required by users practicing cloud chasing ("chasing the clouds”, “letting the clouds"). The rest of the same – without need.

So, dear readers, eyeing the iTaste SVD2.0 from Innokin, consider the above. And, if possible, it is desirable to examine in person and hold it in your hands – this will give a more accurate impression.